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MLA Format for College Papers

MLA Format for College Papers

Often, students are not very fond of their colleges because they get tons of homework and assignments, which limit their social life and time that they might be able to spend on their favorite things.

Most students consider writing different kinds of academic papers the most boring assignments, which their professors can give them. Students often struggle with academic papers as they do not know the proper way to complete a paper. Even if they have talent and excellent writing skills, the use of the wrong format can have a negative effect on the result. For this reason, it is always recommended to follow the MLA format for writing college papers. This academic format adds an intellectual look to the entire paper.

If you are going to write an assignment in the MLA style, you have to learn some vital formatting information, including margins, font, font size, and spacing.


The MLA format always uses one inch margins on top and bottom. You should not mess around with the right- and left-hand side margins.

Depending on the device you use for typing an essay, the settings for all the margins are presented in different places. They have to be easy to find, but if you face any troubles with finding them, just find this information in the internet.


A precise and clear font has to be used in all written documents. For this reason, in all papers, which are formatted in MLA style, Times New Roman is used. Set font size 12.


MLA format uses double spacing. That means that there is twice the normal space between lines. Most students like it as double spacing makes even a short essay appear longer. Professors like double spacing as it provides them with enough space for annotations.


A header should be placed in the top of the page. It has to contain student’s last name and the page number. Every professor can specify something else, besides the last name and page number, which you have to add.


To make a heading, you have to indicate your name, your professor’s name, the name of the subject, your class and date. This information must be given on the right hand side of the paper.


The title comes after the heading. You should place it in the center of the page. The font and size of the title should be the same as the rest of your paper. You do not have to apply such effects as bold or italics to the title.

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