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Make Your Paper on Technology Captivating

Paper on Technology

Writing about technology may seem to be too simple because there is nothing to speculate about, since any technology involves some distinct principles of its work, design, and effects. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important challenges for a good writing piece, as you are supposed to write short, clear, and concise enough. Pouring paragraphs of bla-bla about nothing is not that level of writing, which the professor expects you to demonstrate. That is why writing a paper on technology is so tricky. We suggest you to consider the following points in order to make your assignment sound and captivating.

  • Define the technology you are writing about. Your professor should be able to see that you at least differentiate one thing from another.
  • Trace the history of this technology. Who was the inventor? What were the first designs, and how they helped or thwarted the progress? Is the given technology a genuine invention or the modification of the existing one?
  • What difference did the technology make? How does this technology contribute into daily lives of people?
  • Discuss pros and cons of the given technology.
  • What is the place of this technology in the industry and global economy? Is it industry-specific? Does it affect production and distribution of products/services worldwide or only in a particular area?
  • What are the peculiarities of the technology use? Can it be applied only in a narrow and specific field or an average individual may also utilize it?

Demonstrate that you know enough about the studied technology, so that you are able to express your vision concerning the place of this technology in the human world. Perhaps, you have some ideas concerning how this technology can be advanced or optimized for a wider/cheaper use. You may provide some insight into the philosophy of technological progress and indicate whether the discussed technology matches global expectations. In the end, conclude whether you see the future with this technology or not.

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