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How to Become More Fun

How to Become More Fun

Step Outside Your Old Personal Narrative

You should write down this quote and look at it regularly until you memorize it. Or maybe you would prefer to read it aloud for a dozen of times so that you will not forget it:
“I am not what I am convinced I am. And I am not what others are convinced I am. I am what I think they are convinced I am.”
Keep reading it until you get it, and once you realize it, your life will change immediately. You will understand that you can be anyone you would like to be, anytime you want. There is a great probability that your old personal narrative is that thing which prevents you from doing something new and interesting.

Just remember that you are not your past or your future. You are just what you are at this moment. And you can start creating a new self-story once you are ready. If you believe that you are an incredibly fun person to be around, it will be so for sure!

Make Your Goals More Fun

Maybe your goals are not as fun as they could be. It is a good reason to think that maybe your vision of future is not as interesting as it could be. It does not mean that things you are working on are not great, but maybe they require some refreshing?
It is difficult to be a fun person if your everyday routine is boring. Try adding some fun to your goals, and people will consider you an interesting person.

Add Some Spontaneity

Every day, you face dozens of choices. Some of them may be more spontaneous than the others. Chances are great that those spontaneous choices are the ones your old personal narrative keeps you away from. Spontaneous choices change who you are, so try to do it as often as you can. Sometimes, just one decision is all you need to start a new life.

Remind Yourself You Are Mortal

Everyone is going to die someday. Every person’s life will end eventually. So the next time you think you are a boring person who lives a boring life, remind yourself that there are numerous options and you have got several moments to make your life more fun and interesting.

Overcome Your Fears

You have to realize that you chase your fears. Here are three main fears of people who consider themselves boring:

  • the fear of success and popularity
  • the fear of being liked by people
  • the fear of being well-known or exposed

Once you realize your fears, start chasing them down. For instance, if you are afraid of bosom of the sea, try diving. You get the idea.

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