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Hot Writing Jobs and Where to Find Them

Hot Writing Jobs and Where to Find Them

It may be quite difficult to find a nice freelance work for a writer. One of the best ways to start your search is to use the Internet. You can even sign up for notifications in order not to waste time for checking your applications all the time.

Things to Remember

  • To start with, make sure that you have a well-written resume, cover letter and perfectly formatted LinkedIn profile, in case you have one.
  • The best way is not to look for something abstract as “job in writing”, but to concentrate on your specific skills. Use key words, such as “Writer for social Media”, “Blogger”, or “Copywriter”. It will yield much more results and will lead to the desired outcome faster.
  • If you worry about the Internet fraud, be careful and do not provide any personal information unless it seems reasonable for you. Simply perform your tasks and get your salary. That is all you need.

The List of the most Popular Freelance Companies


It is considered one of the most popular sites among freelancers. It offers approximately 50 gigs a week. We recommend applying for this website and signing up for notifications, as it is one of the most reliable ways to find a freelance position.


This website offers not only freelance gigs, but also a possibility to take part in volunteering in the non-profit sector. Moreover, here you can find full-time offers.

Publishers Lunch

It is one more company that offers full-time jobs for writers, as well as an opportunity to get occasional gigs. It regularly posts information on new positions so it will be a great idea to visit company’s website once for a while.


Regardless of the fact that the given website is designed as a portal for developers and designers, you can also find some copywriting gigs there.


Craigslist may have not a very good reputation among its users. However, it also offers legit writing opportunities.


Everyone knows LinkedIn as a networking platform. Nevertheless, it is also a great place for those individuals who look for job. Here you can find information about different companies and establish contacts with interesting people. By setting up notifications via e-mail, you will always be aware of the current market demands.


With Glassdoor, you will find out how it is like to work for a company. The website contains different reviews from old and current employees. Here you can also find information on salaries, new jobs and freelance positions.

Introduce yo’ self

This website provides a great opportunity to advertise yourself. Using the platform, you will be able to send a short letter to introduce yourself and show your interest in a specific company.

By using these websites, you will get a great chance to find a job or simply earn some money as a freelancer. Be insistent and you will reach the desired results!

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