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Homosexual Marriages

Homosexual Marriages

Gay marriages, or same sex marriages, are legal unions between two persons of the same biological sex. Today, gay marriages are widely accepted in comparison to a couple of years ago. They are even legalized in some American states. The whole world society and the USA in particular has divided opinions concerning these marriages. Despite the fact that people have become more tolerant toward such kind of relationships, there are many people, who do not treat them as normal. Everyone has their own points of view on homosexual marriages.

The Legality of Same Sex Marriages

Such type of marriages is legal only in 18 states of the USA. The latest state to legalize it was Colorado. If to talk about the legality of homosexual marriages in the world, there are just 12 countries that have legalized them nationwide. These are: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Uruguay. Besides, they are legal in several parts of Mexico and several parts of Brazil.

According to some laws of the USA, homosexual marriages are not fully recognized. The brightest example is the Defense of Marriage Law, which only allows married American citizens to sponsor their spouses for immigration into the United States if he or she is of the opposite biological sex. Also, the General Accounting Office has a list of more than a thousand protections and benefits, including family insurance, family discounts, survivor benefits and others, which are obtainable only for heterosexual married couples. From the wording, it is obvious that homosexual couples are excluded.

Children in Homosexual Marriages

In most cases, same sex marriages can only adopt children as it is biologically impossible to conceive. However, there are many cases, when homosexual couples prefer fertilization or artificial insemination. It must be mentioned that such options are only viable for lesbians because of the biological limitations. As for male same sex couples, they often prefer using surrogate mothers.

There are also numerous disputes concerning homosexual parenting. It is often argued that children, who were raised in classical heterosexual families, grow up into more balanced citizens than children who were raised in homosexual marriages. The reason is that a child needs both male and female role models to learn their roles in the society properly. However, such arguments are mostly based on subjective points of view and are not supported by any data. Actually, scientific research has demonstrated that there are no substantial differences between kids brought up by heterosexual couples and kids brought up in homosexual families.

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