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Helpful Sources for Social Workers

Sources for Social Workers

Working with people, especially those, who suffered from some tough times and devastating experiences in their lives, must be one of the most responsible jobs requiring maximum attention, knowledge, and awareness of the basic services that each social worker has to possess or provide.

Social workers are a unique group of people, who help others, less confident and less decisive, to deal with both personal and social problems. To provide people with counseling and support in the certain sphere as well as assist people in overcoming their problems, each social worker has to improve his or her knowledge and increase his or her expertise in certain areas. The following list of helpful resources for social workers will serve as a mean to achieve this goal.

  • Saving Normal by Allen Frances reveals a reader the truth concerning diagnosis and treatment counted as good and problems that may occur if one of the two mentioned is done badly. The book is a valuable source of information for those, who want to learn more about DSM-5 and why one has to be extremely careful when looking for psychiatric help.
  • A Trick of the Light by Lois Metzger is a moving story about 14 year old boy and his sufferings from eating disorder. The lack of self-confidence and distorted self-image described in a book can help a social worker have a better understanding of how people with anorexia feel and help them to cope with the disorder.
  • Double Double by Ken and Martha Grimes tells the story of overcoming alcoholism, written by a mother and a son, who got over destructive addiction and share their personal experience with the whole world. The situations described by different age and gender groups are a valuable source for elaborating a specific suitable for a particular patient successful strategy to recover.
  • The Bully Society: School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America’s Schools by Jessie Klein tells the way bullying between children, adults, from children to adults and visa versa works. The book is a sober look at the U.S. methods of schooling system as well as the current role of society in promoting bullying. The book is helpful in understanding the negative influence of “hyper-masculine” instincts and serves as an effective tool to eliminate gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance and other factors of being bullied.
  • Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy by Rinku Sen is a marvelous source for any type of community organizations, social change groups aimed at helping young activists to identify strategies, overcome challenges, conduct actions and change the world for better! It is full of examples, concrete guidance, and steps aimed at bringing effect on social change.

Choosing one of the recommended books above, you won’t regret spending time on having read some cognitive narrations that improved your knowledge on the area of working with people.

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