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Global Food Crisis

Global Food Crisis

We know how hard is to create a good essay about global problems, when you are confined by certain limits: the key words, the length, etc. So, we offer you the essay about the global food crisis that you can use as a sample.

The Beginning

Start with a small introduction. In this part, give answers to the most common questions that can appear in the process. Furthermore, you have to reveal the brief essence of your essay.

Today we live in a world where people can enjoy all the benefits of civilization. We almost forgot about disasters that people went through during different periods of time. What do you really know about the world food crisis? Do you know how this crisis changed the world? This essay was written to show you the main facts about those horrible times.

The world food crisis has an effect on near 3 billion people. It is about half of the planet population. The population growth could be the main reason that leads to such a difficulty. But it was not. A lot of people all around the world have not enough food to live out which cause problems with health and in some situations, death.

The Body

This is the main part. Provide arguments and examples. Show the connections between them. You can also refer to people who have explored this topic.

The main reason for the crisis is disproportional sharing of food. In the world, there is enough food for each person. The global market can provide every person with near 4 pounds of food per day. This disproportional sharing because of poverty was explained by McDonald in 2013. He said that poverty leads to the lack of markets that results in the lack of food and thus in the world food crisis.

For example, in the year 2012, Hobbs suggested a very good example. The United States and Canada are the biggest countries that produce food. Someone can say that they should provide some food to poor countries that need this food. These countries can provide extra food, but there is the shortage of storage and functioning system of transportation in the poor countries. This is the main reason why such countries as the United States and Canada cannot provide poor countries with food. In order to solve the global food crisis, needy countries should reorganize their markets, storage, transporting system and deal with poverty.

The Ending

In the conclusion, show the main aspects of the discussion. Stress on the possible options.

Thus, there is no lack of food; there is the lack of markets. Existing imperfection of the poor countries system kills people. They are to change something; otherwise, the population of the planet will continue to die.

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