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Five Steps to Creativity and Better Life

Creativity and Better Life

Do you still think that you are not a creative person and you will never be the one? Then, this article is exactly for you!

Firstly, let us break some myths and stereotypes about creativity.

Many people believe that you cannot learn how to be creative. They are wrong! According to different types of research, creativity is dynamic process. It means that you can develop your artistic skills during all your life. It sounds interesting, is not it?

The creativity does not play an important role; only “hard skills” do matter in your job. It seems that it is the wrong position but many people agree with it. Our brain consists of two hemispheres: the left controls language, accurate information, numbers, etc. and the right – creativity, artistry, critical thinking. Thus, each of us has a choice – which of the sides he/she wants to improve. The best variant is to develop both sides evenly. You may be a great programmer, have an excellent “hard skills,” but cannot suggest new approaches and models (“soft skills”) because of the lack of creativity. Thus, you see that the creativity is the thing that makes you the unique despite the profession you have.

Here are the best ways on how to become more creative and change your life!


Reading stimulates your brain to fantasize and create new images. It improves your critical and analytical thinking. It does not matter what kind of books, journals or papers you are reading, the main point – is to read what seems interesting to you! The more you learn – the more new ideas you can produce!

Catch Your Thoughts

Many people are so busy that they do not notice how much new ideas they have during a day. Thus, they just forget about them at the end of a workday. Remember, your task – to write down all your thoughts and ideas despite how crazy or freaky they are. Therefore, you may receive the new creative solution by way of combining all of them.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Our daily routine kills our creativity. Of course, it seems that it is so cozy and comfortable to spend a weekend at home, but remember to get out from your comfort zone. If you want to develop your creativity and critical thinking, you should gain new knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you will not have a chance to make something special. The unique experience leads to new views and solutions.

Be Patient

Accept your new ideas and your creativity. Do not criticize and limit yourself too much. Sometimes you need time to realize what is going on and where it leads.

Clean Your Mind

The best place for new ideas and thoughts is a fresh mind! We have many daily troubles, which ruin us from the inside. Keep calm, meditate, and leave all your problems behind. Now you are ready to produce new creative ideas!

New ideas – new life! Do not miss the chance to make your life better! Good luck!

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