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Effective Tips on Analytical Essay Writing

Effective Tips on Analytical Essay Writing

You have just finished reading an interesting book or watching a movie that is a part of your homework. Now, it is high time to write an analytical essay about the book/movie. If you do not have any clear idea in your mind on how to complete this assignment, this article will certainly help you. Check this guideline and cope with analytical essay writing successfully.

What Do We Call an Analytical Essay?

Even though the term may be unfamiliar to you, the chances are high that you have written this type of paper in the past. Just check the definition again. If we perceive analysis as a critical observation of a certain idea, an analytical essay is the type of paper that produces an informative observation of an issue or topic. For example, you have read a book/watched a movie about child abuse. Apparently, the topic of child abuse is too broad for the analytical essay. Your task is to make the topic more narrow, e.g. discuss the impact of child abuse on the adult life of the main hero of the book/movie. In short, analytical essay requires narrowing down a general topic and coming up with a strong argument using critical thinking.

Ideas and Topics for Analytical Essay Writing

A countless number of various ideas and topics can be discussed within the scope of an analytical essay. Review these types of analysis and choose the topic that reflects your interests.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

This type of writing requires an author to argue about a well-known and influential fact. The aim of the essay is to prove this fact to the audience that is skeptical about it or cannot understand it. Rhetorical analysis essays are often assigned during science or math courses because they involve discussion of facts and logic usage.
Example topics are:

  • Geometric Proofs
  • Main Economic Principles
  • Laws and Theories in Physics

Literary Analysis Essay

This type of essay is the most common among college students. The task requires deep analysis of a certain aspect of a literary work. Unlike rhetorical analysis essay, this kind of essay analyses reasons behind the decision-making and emotions of literary characters.
Example topics are:

  • Love and its impact on Othello’s decision-making. “Othello” by William Shakespeare
  • Grounds of parenting style of Atticus. “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee

Process Analysis Essay

The aim of this essay type is to analyze a certain change that occurs through several levels or stages. Frequently, the assignment also asks to explain the purpose of the change.
Example topics are:

  • Sleep Cycle
  • Amazon’s Logistics
  • The Cycle of Depression

Character Analysis Essay

This type of writing requires the author to analyze the reasons for certain transformations of a literary character.
Example topics are:

  • Huck’s mental transformations. “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain
  • Hamlet’s personality decay. “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare

Poetry Analysis Essay

This essay type requires thoughtful analysis of the content of a poem, its historical value, or structure. The task of the assignment is to help the readers understand overall meaning and significance of the poetic piece. The example topics are usually the names of poems themselves.

Causal Analysis Essay

This kind of essay requires the author to depict a certain process complementing the description with an explanation why it occurs that way.
Example topics are:

  • The reasons for responding physically to anxiety
  • Why are women addicted to shopping?

Despite the fact that there is a great variety of analytical essay types, all of them require the same outline format.

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