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4 Uncommon Elements to Make Your Paper Topic More Interesting

Make Your Paper Topic More Interesting

Many students find research paper writing a boring task. However, choosing an appropriate topic is the first step to success. In order to make a right impression, you should make sure that your topic is not usual. It can be reached by following the tips below. These four unusual elements will definitely make your topic stand out.


Many students have a false perception of a research paper and its aim. Normally, they consider a research paper to be a piece of writing that deals with the information learnt, which simply restates the ideas and research outcomes of other scholars. Sure, it may be difficult to offer a new vision of the topic that has already been discussed many times. In this case, it is recommended to make a controversial statement that is not as common as it may seem.

Nevertheless, controversy requires a careful approach. You should think before making such an argument if you can support it with enough pieces of evidence and facts. Otherwise, there will be no use of it and you will most probably fail.

The example of a bad and a good topics can be as follows:

  • Bad: The importance of modern medicine.
  • Good: Medical procedures that are not worth paying for.

Specific and Focused

It is a simple piece of advice, which is often ignored, though. The paper written by a student may be not interesting because of one simple reason: it is too general.

As a result, it is recommended to concentrate your attention on a specific aspect of some problem and stick to it throughout your work. However, in order not to mess it up, you should approve the topic with your professor.

Avoid Using Too Much General Information

Research paper writing is an art of separation of interesting information from the trivial one. How do you think will the audience be pleased to hear the information which is a general knowledge? Consequently, you should look for facts that are uncommon and can be of great interest to the readers. However, you should be careful with using information that is not supported with any facts, as it may be considered as unreliable. Write down the interesting information you manage to find in order to include it to your paper.

Combination of Topics

By combining two or more topics into one, you will be able to create something really unique and interesting. However, avoid using topics that do not relate to each other. There is a simple rule the writer has to remember: two related boring topics can make one engaging and informative paper.

Remember that you are not the only students submitting a research paper at the end of a semester. As a result, you professor may be bored to death by dozens of typical research projects. Use our tips to make your paper out of ordinary and memorable. This is how you will be able to make a right impression and reach success.

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