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       The APA essay format is a specific writing format created by the American Psychological Association, hence the acronym APA. The APA format is the most common type of writing format employed by academics when redacting an essay.  Among other characteristics, the most noticeable difference between the APA format and other methods is the manner in which references are written. You must always take into account that the research process is as important as the writing. Citing external sources to argument your research is highly encouraged, as long as you include it in your paper´s references and write the credits accordingly. The best way to start your APA format essayis to write a draft in order to know what information should be included.

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       The APA writing style is a standard form of academic writing mostly pertinent to topics within the social sciences field. APA guidelines are internationally accepted and used for a variety of essay and research paper topics, such as Sociology, Psychology, Education, Political Science, and Business. Among APA Style  regulations, the most common relate to paper format, font, margins and headings, and referencing.


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       However, our main goal is to help you achieve a better understanding of every little detail that must be cared for in order to format a paper according to APA style.

       For example, when quoting within the APA essay format, the paragraph must be indented exactly five spaces. If the quote consists of more than forty words, the following rule applies: the name of the author, year of publication and page number must be added in parentheses at the end of the quote.

       When listing both offline and online sources, a specific format is required when using the APA essay format.
References must only be written at the end of the essay. Citing external authors must be done in alphabetical order,  listing their complete last names and first and middle name initials. Author details together with the year of publication must appear in parentheses. Every proper noun and the first word of each sentence must be capitalized. Also, all the words immediately following a semicolon in the references section must start with an upper case letter. Book and Journal titles must always be underlined and important words capitalized. The publisher and press name must also be cited within the references.

       An APA format essay has strict regulations that must be followed in every page.  For example, every page should have 1-inch margins on every side. The size of each page should be 8.5 by 11 inches, and the font  will preferably be  12point. Times New Roman. The text should be double-spaced.  Additionally, be sure to correctly format your essay´s cover page.

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