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Technology Tools for Communication

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Communication is essential for any business’ success in the world today. It is therefore important to employs technological tools for communication between potential customers and company to enhance efficiency. There are a variety of technology tools for communication in the business world today. Video and web conferencing is one of the very important tools for communication. This technology helps in transmitting and receiving sound and pictures in real-time. Web conferencing is a technological advancement in communication that allows the sharing of documents and applications. This communication tool is aided by a teleprecence conference room which includes ultra-high definition cameras. Again, the conference rooms have large screen with discrete sound to create in person experience.

Another technology tool for communication is Skype. This system can do conferencing with up to 24 people. Its audio quality is excellent though on a one to one communication at a time. Skype is a tool for communication that gives free Voice Over IP (VoIP) program that allows the user to have Instant Message (IM) or call (VoIP) through the user’s computer.    In addition, smart tools like the electronic whiteboards have been employed in classroom lessons for teaching. They allow the instructor to display information from the computer to the electronic board allowing student’s interaction with the displayed information.

Online chat tools are also part of the technology tools for communication. This is any type of communication that is over the internet though one to one and text-based. This tool for communication is used in place of email where there is need for live communication. Moreover, internet has become a very important tool for communication. This tool is basically applicable with search engines such as Google and yahoo. Many business organizations communicate to their clients through web postings and in these search engines.

Other technology tools for communication include mobile telephones such as Smartphone.  They have large screen with an open operating system offering improved capabilities with computer-like functions. Smartphone can incorporate advances features such as e-mails and internet as well as e-book functions. Technology and internet have made communication fast and efficient which has in turn improved business communication and education systems in the world today.

Buy custom Technology Tools for Communication essay

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