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Federalism and Reforms

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Federalism and Reforms

Federalism is the sharing of powers over the same geographical area between two or three governments.  America is highly associated with federalism. The extent and distribution of this powers and authority have been changing gradually over the years. America has been known to distribute its governance powers between the national government and the state & local governments. The year’s 1945 to1969 saw the two governments share power equally. For instance, the national government’s funded the state & local governments programs which they executed.  However, due to the merging of responsibilities of the two governments, there was no clear direct as to what government did what.  Therefore, a further devolution of power gave rise to a new federalism where the state & local authorities have been accorded more power especially on policies connected to programs run by them. For instance, formerly the welfare reform policy was formulated and funded at national level but the state governments implemented them.  A problem arose due to the equal allocation of funds while each state had different needs.  As a result, each state has been accorded the mandate to formulate, plan, budget and implement the welfare reforms. Those who support that such power should be given to state governments argue that they understand better the situations in their locality and are able to address the issues more effectively.

Personally, I think the affairs of America will be governed efficiently if each governing body administrates what concerns their specific jurisdiction and issues affecting them. Matters that affect the nation should be handled by the national government and those affecting states should be controlled by the state governments.  If the national government is handles matters relating to the state, they may not address the issues adequately because there is high probability of generalization that all states are the same, experience the same challenges while in the real sense each state has got its own problems. And even though, the challenges may seem the same, the same approach will not produce same results. 

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