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Tips on How to Apply to College

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Even though many people believe it is unreasonable to think of a particular life period as coming of age, I consider applying to college as a real rite of passage. It requires such qualities as patience, confidence, perseverance, and resistance to pressure to name a few.

Having gone through all the stages of this complex procedure, one just can’t stay the same person. With the help of this article, you will learn how to apply to college with the least possible trouble!

Think of What Suits You Best

There are a lot of people who have entered universities just because of the social pressure. It is important to understand that it is your life and no one can make decisions for you. Once you know that degree is needed for your chosen career, think of where you can get it. Do not let the fame and prestige of renowned colleges lure you into applying just because they are reputable. Who knows, maybe you can learn the same things at your community college, which is much cheaper. Look through the college web-site to see if they have courses which could be of an interest to you. You can also visit the college and even a class to make the final decision.

Be Forethoughtful

It seems like some people know exactly what college to apply to since the childhood. If you are not one of them, probably it’s time to reconsider your attitude. No one is talking about having all your life planned beforehand, but when it comes to college, you need to decide upon it when still in high school, especially if you are planning to apply to such famous colleges as Harvard, Duke, or Chicago. The thing is, most colleges have special requirements concerning extra-curriculum activities besides study record, so you might want to be prepared for that as well. Applying is the final step, which requires a lot of work to be done at earlier stages.

Meet the Required Criteria

One of the most important parts is to have a realistic viewpoint of your strength and weaknesses. It does not necessarily mean intelligence or any particular skills. It is also about financial possibilities. Make sure that with your future job you will afford to repay the student loan. If you are certain about the chosen college, go for it! In most cases, you should submit an application as late as April of your senior year. Be ready also to write a personal essay, which is an obligatory requirement. They will also ask you to provide recommendation letter, so make sure you have those at hand.

College is not for everyone and it is perfectly fine. Nevertheless, if it is your decision and not your parents’ or friends’, you should stick to it and remain undaunted in your resolve. The best way to achieve something is to work, so good luck to you!

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