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Several Important Activities for the Days off in Boston

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As a rule, I like relaxing trips, but weekend activities are different.

Being a freelancer is a substantial benefit while planning a weekend because you can choose any time and place for travel. This time my choice has fallen on Boston.

I decided to stay at Boston Hostel near Chinatown. It was a good starting point to explore the city, since all interesting places were not far from there.

The hostel was a perfect place to stay. Moreover, breakfast was included.

Here are several activities to do in Boston.

1) First of all, you should visit Beacon Hill. It is one of the most famous suburbs. You will be able to take millions of awesome photos on the streets there. Beacon Hill won’t leave you indifferent.

2) One more place to see in Boston is Boston Common. Actually, it is a central park. This place is very popular in summer. Many people come here to relax.

3) The must-see is Boston Public Garden. There is a lake where you can take a boat ride or walk across the famous bridge.

4) If you want to see Boston’s downtown and visit historical places, choose The Freedom Trail. Mind that the path is quite long (nearly 4 km), so you may stop at Copp’s Hill Burying Ground, which is half of the trail’s length.

5) One more interesting place is Quincy Market. Many people omit to go there but its food is worth trying. You won’t deny yourself a chance to taste at least something, even if you are not hungry.

6) There are few more things you cannot avoid doing in Boston. One of them is to taste its Cream Pie. It is a cake filled with cream and topped with chocolate ganache.

7) Visiting Boston Public Library may be one of a few more activities to do in Boston. Its interior is very inspiring, and its Reading Room is incredibly photogenic, so the place is definitely worth visiting.

8) Harvard University, the most prestigious learning institution in the country, is a must-see. You may as well visit its campus.

9) The Museum of Fine Arts offers a discount ($25 per visit). During the holidays, you may enter for free. On Wednesdays after 4 pm the museum pays for you.

10)Being in Boston, you should also for sure eat Italian food and go to the Irish pub. The pubs are rather common in Boston. There are even some historic pubs there, for example, JJ Foley’s.

11) Candlepin Bowling is one more site to visit in Boston. It may be a top place for your rest. This bowling club has awkward cylinder shaped pins. However, the game itself is almost identical to the one you are used to.

As you see, Boston is a great city that is worth visiting. It will be more comfortable to schedule the route in advance. All these places are great. Having visited the city once, you will want to go there again.

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