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How to Make Friends in College

How to make friends in college

Each student survives stress when he/she should leave home for the first time. It is natural because he/she should live in an unknown before city, in the surrounding of strangers. Moreover, their lifestyle will change completely, too. Everyone who leaves home becomes responsible for his/her studying and daily routine process. But the devil is not so black as he is painted. All you should do to feel yourself comfortable in a new place is follow next recommendations and make a lot of friends in your new dwelling place.

1. Open Door Tradition

There is a rule that if someone opens the door of his/her room, it means that he/she is ready for new company. Do not be afraid to come into the rooms with an open door to find a new friend and do not forget to open yours when you take a rest.

2. Join College Clubs

Even if you do not feel like a fish in the water in your college, you should force yourself to participate in thematic college clubs. Choose the one you are the most interested in and you will surely find adherents there.

3. Apply for a Job in Your Alma Mater

The best way to make new friends is to meet and contact them as much as it is possible. If you apply for a job in your Alma Mater bookstore or cafeteria, you will gain two advantages at the same time. You will get acquaintance with many students and teachers, and you will get some extra pocket money.

4. Appreciate Your Roommate

No matter how much you like or dislike your roommate, you should do everything possible to get on well. The reasons are forthcoming. You have to live together and share the same space and your roommate’s friends are your friends if you are close. And, on the contrary, if your roommate is your enemy, then his/her friends automatically become such too. Do you want this?

5. Walk around the Campus

Do not be passive. Extend your life space. Walk around the hall, floors of the dorm and quad buildings. Arrange for yourself an excursion to all possible places you can visit on your campus. You will for sure meet some interesting people there. Take your roommate to feel more confident.

6. Walk around the City

Do not limit yourself with campus excursion. Go further with a city tour. Explore the sites crowded with young people and places where you wish to spend your free minutes. Do not forget to be open to new acquaintances and smile!
Be optimistic! It is not so terribly to meet new people. All you need to do is to be polite and honest. Follow these pieces of advice and enjoy free and joyful students’ life!

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