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How to Make Friends in College While Being an Introvert

The introvert’s guide to making friends in college

Setting off for college for the first time, one is always bothered with THE QUESTION: “What if no one likes me and I won’t make any friends?” Believe it or not, everyone has gone through this insecurity. However, naturally quiet and shy people can face more self-doubt issues. If you prefer a quiet evening at home instead of a party, if your definition of a crazy night is binge watching the whole season of Game of Thrones, if socializing makes you anxious – these tips are for you.

General advice:

– Leave the safe walls of your room! Compelling though they might seem, they limit your chances to meet new people.
– Don’t underestimate yourself! However awkward or shy you may feel, other people would still like to talk to you. We tend to criticize ourselves much more than others do.
– Fear not! You might get sweaty palms while talking to strangers but you can’t fight it by avoiding conversations. The more you talk the easier it gets.

Make Friends in Classes

The best way to meet someone who shares the same interest is to look among those with whom you have the same schedule. You might start a conversation by complaining about the amount of homework or teacher’s methods. It might come as a surprise how fast you can bound with someone while grumbling about the same thing.

Join Clubs

This might be the cheesiest advice but it works! From a debate club to belly dancing, college unions bring positive impact on your social life. Not only can you develop a certain skill or spend your time doing something you enjoy, but it also brings you into contact with people who have the same passions.

Keep Your Door Open (Literally)

You don’t want to be that one weird person in the dorm whose name no one knows. Instead, keep your door open. By doing so, you show everyone that you are open-minded and ready for new meetings. You’ll be surprised how many people will drop by to say hi. Likewise, don’t pass an open door yourself when you see one.

Ask to Join In and Tag Along

There is a huge amount of activities one can do on campus. If you see someone playing volleyball or giving free hugs, ask to join them. If your friend is going out with a group of people you don’t know, try to go with them. In the worst case they might say no, but generally everyone knows that the more the merrier.
Shyness doesn’t define you. It can cause a lot of inconvenience but don’t let it isolate you from others and deprive you of valuable life experience. Not having friends at the beginning is okay. Don’t just give up after a few failed tries. Leave your comfort zone and step out to unfamiliar ground. You might find a lot of hidden potential by doing so.

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