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How to Make Friends in College Classes

How to make friends in college classes

Everyone is familiar with that intimidating feeling of entering a classroom full of unfamiliar faces. You can be a terrified freshman or a seasoned senior, but you can’t get away from this experience. However, the devil is not so black as he is painted – making friends with your classmates is easier than it might seem.

Step 1

Figure out your objective for the class. If you aim to pass it with flying colors, take an according place at the front of the room. When the course doesn’t really bother you, the back position will make do. Wherever you sit, you’ll be in a company of those who share the same attitude toward your class. That will easily bring you together.

Step 2

Keep an eye on the people you share classes with. After some time you’ll start noticing small things you have in common. It might be a shirt with your favorite band or a book they’re reading. Try to sit closer to them and start a conversation pointing out your shared interest.

Step 3

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. Since you’ll get a lot of similar experience, it can be compared with rowing in the same boat together. Ask them about their choice of the subject, whether it’s something they are interested in. Just give them a moment to talk about themselves because everyone likes to do it.

Step 4

Try not to avoid team work. However dreadful group projects may sound, they are actually great means of socializing. You’ll have to keep in touch with your classmates even outside the classes, which might result in a new friendship.

Step 5

Have a small talk with other students before the class. You may share your feedback regarding homework or compare your notes. Finding common ground should be easy since virtually everyone in the room undergoes the same difficulties.

Step 6

Linger in the classroom after the lesson is over. Instead of running to your next class, you can stay behind and talk with others about your impression of the course or future plans.

Step 7

Have a meal together with your classmates. Dining can become a traditional social occasion if you share it with them. You can discuss any topics while eating since you won’t have to pay attention to your professor the way you should do it in class.

Step 8

Suggest spending time together outside the classroom. You can invite someone to a football game or check out a new coffee shop on the street corner. Don’t isolate yourself but be open to new activities and your classmate will soon become your real friend.

The best way to make a friend is to be the one. Socialize with those around you, make an effort to start a conversation, share your ideas and interest and you are bound to make new friends. College is a hive so you are never alone there.


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