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Guide to Making Friends in College

The real guide to making friends in college

College experience is never limited to excitement; it comes with anxiety and insecurities tagging along. One might be confused about studying while others struggle with doing chores without parents’ help.

The number one concern every freshman shares is the issue of making new friends in unfamiliar surroundings. While the main advice you will get is just “go out and talk with someone”, it’s easier said than done. Here is a short list of some things you should take into consideration.

Take it slow

Excited though you might be, try to set realistic goals. You can’t expect new people you meet on the first week of college to become your best friends instantly. This process takes time, and you shouldn’t get upset if it’s working out slower than you had expected. Try to start with orientation days. They are deliberately designed to bring together all those confused freshmen wandering around the campus. The best thing to do is to introduce yourself, and that will bring about a chain reaction of new acquaintances.

Be open

Every college freshman will agree that the first month is the hardest one. The best thing you can do to ease tension and anxiety is to be available. Keep your dorm door open, pop up into your neighbor’s room to say hi, strike up a spontaneous conversation with the person sitting next to you on a bus. Taking advantage of every opportunity to socialize will eventually pay off and result in new friendships.

Keep up with the technologies

You simply can’t survive in modern society without social media platforms. This rule is spread especially among college students. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – they all play a vital role in finding new friends on campus. Try to use your college hashtags while posting new photos or updating your feed. While tracking hashtags, you can also see what other people are up to and always stay aware of the main events happening in your college.

Be who you want to be

College is a fresh start for the majority of students. This is a unique opportunity to leave behind all the negativity and begin a new chapter of your life. While doing it, don’t forget to be genuine and stay yourself. Your new friends will appreciate getting to know the real you and after that, you can be assured that they will stick around. Don’t be afraid to look silly; you can always break the ice by making a joke and laughing together with people surrounding you.
Whatever you decide to do in college, remember that these will be the best years of your life. Take the most out of them and live your life to the fullest.

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