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College Essay Writing Guideline

How to Write a Good College Essay

Writing a college essay seems to be the most challenging part of a college application. However, if you prepare well before writing it, you have a great chance to succeed. Here are several steps that will assist you in creating a perfect college essay.

Step 1: Getting Ready

1.Gather your thoughts.  You are asked to write a personal essay, which means you may write about something that matters most to you. Choose an interesting angle and tell your story. Remember that controversial and thought-provoking topics are most likely to attract the readers’ attention.

2. Express yourself. Your task is to tell the readers more about yourself, so do not hide your real feelings and emotions about the issue discussed in the essay. Do not be too formal or reserved. The more personal approach you use in writing, the more likely your essay is to get approved.

3.Relax. Try to get the right mood before starting to write. Drink a cup of tea in a cozy chair and think about the things you want to express. In the other words, allow yourself a couple of spare minutes to find inspiration.

Step 2: Making a Strong Impression

1.Be comprehensive. Let your readers understand you easily. Do not utilize fancy words and keep the essay short (250-500 words). Do not repeat ideas over and over again. Keep the reader interested in the topic you are developing.

2. Be likeable. You will have more chances to be liked by readers when you are accurate and honest in expressing your thoughts. Follow the logical order in writing and add some humor.

3.Express enthusiasm. Make the reader feel your interest in a subject. Use interesting details and express your feelings about the topic, so that the readers have no doubts that you know what you are writing about.

4.Be genuine. Be sincere when writing. Do not try to fabricate some data in order to keep the reader interested. Being honest is what matters most in the application essay.

5.Create mystery. Apply to the readers’ emotions.  Try to make them feel as witnesses of the situation you are describing in your essay. Thus, start with an interesting introduction that will draw the readers to the topic you are writing about.

Step 3: Proofreading

1.Check the flow. Make sure your thoughts follow each other logically and have transitions. Check the paper for spelling and grammar mistakes using reliable software.

2.Ask for feedback. Offer someone to read your paper and ask the person to give you some hints on how to polish the essay.

3.Reread. Allow yourself some rest and then reread your paper again. A fresh look on the writing may show you several things to improve.


Now you know how to impress the readers with your college essay. So, start with the first step and good luck!


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