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At a Crossroads after Graduation: Survival Guide to Find a Good Job

Graduate Survival Guide

Long years of cramming are in the past. You are a graduate. Congratulations! It seems to you that now there are no limits. The world, full of opportunities, is waiting. Nevertheless, there is still one big challenge. You cannot stop asking the question “What the next step should be?”. Of course, there are no doubts that you must have a job. However, you still do not know how to find a good vacancy and persuade employers that you are the best candidate. You may stop worrying. You are on the right way to success. This survival guide will help you to achieve your goal.

How to Create an Influential CV

Everyone has a friend, who has shared the experience about long struggles with the aim of finding a job. New graduates tend to complain that they sent out million applications before they were invited for the first interview. It looks like there is no chance to escape from this tedious procedure. Nevertheless, it is nothing more than illusion. Just choose the right strategy and create a detailed and influential CV. Although generic applications do not require many time, they cannot reveal all your strong sides. So, it is much better to spend more efforts to present a carefully tailored application rather than storm mailboxes of companies with the ordinary CVs. Remember, application creates the first impression about your personality and aptitude. Let’s follow quality over quantity principle.

Self-Reflection – a Step to Success

There is a common thought that evaluation is the duty of employers. They should analyze the qualities of candidates for work and make the conclusion whether they are enough to perform certain tasks. Nevertheless, it is not true. New graduates should also show self-reflection. The helpful questions are:
• Is this position right for me?
• Do I have necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job duties?
If the answers are positive, then, you should not hesitate sending the CV. In such a way, you will save your personal time as well as employers’ one.

Prove Your Competencies

To know personal competencies is half the task. You should also make the employers believe in your words. They have to see that the indicated competencies are not only your assumptions but also the facts. The effective way to do it is share the experience. For instance, you may point out all extracurricular activities and projects in which you have taken part. Moreover, the feedbacks of your colleagues will enhance the credibility of your application.

Do not hurry!

Everyone dreams about immediate success. Nevertheless, haste in the issue of finding a job will not bring you any benefits. Regard each interview as the chance to master your skills. Remember, each meeting is one more opportunity to compare all the options and choose the one, which appeal to you most of all.

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