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9 Tips on How to Make Friends in a College Dorm

9 tips on how to make friends in a college dorm

Leaving home for college is memorable, long-expected and stressful event. A student starts new life far from family house, school friends, and ordinary schedule. The best way to make this period easier is to find a friend. Nevertheless, how to make friends in college dorm if you know nobody?

Do not be afraid. You are not the exception. There are thousands of students, who know no one and burn with anticipation to make friends. The first attempts of new acquaintances and being on friendly terms with students around will not always be successful, but target results are worthy. Finding the best friend to study, entertain and communicate together will put much comfort in your new life.

Your Roommate Should Be the First

The first person you should pay attention to is your roommate. Even if you do not like him/her from the first sight, give him/her a chance. Firstly, people are not always such, as we judge them from the first impression. Secondly, you should live with this person, so at least try to be polite. Thirdly, a roommate is the best to have aside for further acquaintance with a campus, classrooms, students and a new city. It is always less timid to do new things together than alone.

Your RA Should Be the Second

Interpret your resident advisor correctly. His/her primary task is to make you feel comfortable, not to cause troubles. Do not hesitate to ask questions, get new information or define more accurately about some aspects of students’ life. Your RA should be the second person you should derive the support from.

Bathroom Is the Best Place to Make New Friends

The most common place where you can often meet other students from the same floor is bathroom. Thus, do not omit to visit it for new acquaintance. Of course, you should not cross the privacy measures, but innocent communication near the base or in the line is perfect.

Dorm Meetings Are the Second Place to Attend

Even if you feel no passion to play awkward games with people you hardly know, you should try. It is the quickest way to understand the characters of your dorm mates and find the best friend.

Leave Your Door Open

It is common practice in colleges. It shows that you are searching for a company to watch TV or chat. Do not be afraid to share your spare time with a newcomer if you are not busy.

Study with Others

If it is okay to study in a noisy place for you, then take your book and laptop to study with others in specially established dorm places. Do not isolate yourself! Try to communicate more!

Eat at the Cafeteria

Leave your habit to eat alone for the next years of study. Join someone who seems to be alone and is eager to find new friends.

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