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8 Study Methods That Actually Work

Ten Study Methods That Work

There are no easy ways to study. Unsurprisingly, it’s all about dedication, persistence, and hard-work. However, after conducting several studies, researchers were able to determine that some methods are just more effective than others. Here are several techniques that are a more productive than cramming everything in the night before the exam.

1. Create a study schedule

You’ve got your classes, but listening to lectures is just not enough to learn all the information presented. Most tutors recommend two hours for independent work for each hour spent in class. Schedule these study sessions just as you’d do with doctor’s appointments or workout at the gym.

2. Stability is of utmost importance

People like routine. It helps us keep stress levels down and almost look forward to whatever happens next in out day, even if it’s not particularly exciting. Studying at the same place and times every day will eventually help you reach a certain mindset appropriate for learning.

3. Make your study area comfortable

Don’t let yourself get distracted. Make sure that you have anything you might possibly need right next to you. Your desk should always be stocked with school supplies and reference materials. Also, it’s a good idea to get a couple of snacks and refreshments before you start just in case you’ll need a little pick-me-up.

4. Don’t wait for inspiration

Studying is like a sport and your brain is like a muscle. It needs regular trainings, even if you don’t feel like exercising it that day. Also, the more you study, the easier it gets.

5. Take orderly notes

What’s the point of keeping notes, if you can’t make any sense of them the next day? Make sure that your writing has some kind of system even if you’re the only one who can understand it. It’s recommended to have one notebook for all subjects and include a semester calendar just in case.

6. Remember all you deadlines

There will be many assignments you’d have to complete. There are several ways to keep track of them, but the best is to have a planner that you can refer to whenever in doubt. Also, don’t throw away your syllabuses. Professors put them together for a reason

7. Flashcards are magic

I’m being serious right now. There’s nothing better for memorizing huge amounts of information than flashcards. You can take them with you wherever you go and revise whenever you have a free second. If making actual physical flashcards is a bit too much for you, there are lots of apps you can download with the exact same function.

8. Overdoing it is better than not doing it enough

When you are preparing for an exam, learn till you feel comfortable in your knowledge of the topic and then spend fifteen extra minutes revising. This technique is called overlearning. It allows you to memorize thing for up to four times longer, so make good use of it!
Yes, there is no other way of studying then simply…studying. Do not try to avoid it and academic success will become your most loyal companion.

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