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4 Skills to Make You a Better Student

Improve Your Study Skills

Great study skills are like pandas. They certainly exist and are absolutely wonderful, but you’ve sure never seen one in real life. Well, I’m here to tell you that studying abilities are not that rare and can actually be developed with some persistence and self-discipline.

It’s important to understand that people learn differently and, therefore, need different approach. If you’ve earnestly tried something and it did not work, turn to something else. Also, don’t be afraid to adjust both the study techniques and yourself to get the best results.

1) Understand yourself

Do you know those silly test that promise to determine whether you’re a winter or an autumn and you can never be sure what is right for you? There’s a bit of the same in the world of academia. Learners are naturally divided into visual, auditory, and kinesthetic categories. This determines the best way for you to comprehend new information. Most people are a mixture of all three, but do have a dominant approach. All you need to do is determine which one you are and study using this knowledge. If you have trouble choosing, just remember whether it is more important for you to look at presentations, listen to professors, or write things down during class.

2) Time management

It’s not all about quantity. Quality is much more important. If you spend five hours reading and rereading your notes and remember nothing in the end, the whole session might’ve as well never happened. Try to plan you study periods in advance. Use mnemonic devices. Try holistic approach. Do whatever is necessary to maximize your efficiency. This way you will be better at learning and have free time to relax and have fun. Two birds with one stone.


In high school you had your mom and dad to make you do your homework. In college, the only person who can drive you to do anything constructive is you. Sometimes acing a class is easy because the subject interests you, your professor is awesome, and you’re great at it. When obstacles appear, things get more complicated. Try to write down all the reasons why you need to pass this particular class and stare at it every time you feel discouraged.

4)The art of asking for help

If you’re taking complicated, high-level classes, it is easy to find a concept or an idea that gives you a pause. Some people just give up when they don’t understand something right away, which is particularly ridiculous in college, a place designed to learn. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Your peers, tutors, and counselors will not think sell of you if you can’t grasp a concept. On the other hand, if you ignore you problems, tank a class and get expelled from college, you might meet some disapproval.

So, college is not a high school anymore – you have to be a highly organized person. No one said it would be easy, but with these habits it will definitely be much easier.

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