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12 Ways to Make Friends in College

12 ways to make friends in college

Lifelong friendship is a dream of each freshman. The seniors of Carthage share their experience.

1. Share Your Room with Someone You Do Not Know

“I advise living with someone new to find a dear friend. I found my roommate at the Carthage Facebook page, and we have got acquainted via the internet first. Soon we understood that we had a lot in common and decided to live together. I am very glad that circumstances favored our decision because we have been bosom friends for 2 years” – Cathy Smith ‘20

2. Visit Fairs

“I have got my first best friend in Carthage on the fair, and I recommend everyone to visit it as soon as possible to get new acquaintances and extend his/her outlook” – Kris Small ‘18

3. Offer Your Classmates to Hang Out Together

“The best way to understand the characters and habits of your new classmates is to spare some time in the unofficial atmosphere. Offer them to go out once and you will get not just a friend but the whole company for the next few years to hang out and discover the world”- Adam Walls ‘21

4. Join Residence Life and Find Allies

“Nothing can join people together so tightly as common interests and aims. I have found lifelong friends while working as RA” – Kathy Green ‘21

5. Participate in CAB Events

“Everyone who aims to find new friends should visit CAB event in the Carthage. It is just the simplest way” – John Roy ‘19

6. Join Clubs

“There are so many thematic clubs in Carthage. It is a great opportunity to find upholders and do not feel so lonely as a freshman” – Tom Brian ‘18

7. Make Friends at Once

“Do not wait till classes begin. Start making friends during orientation. There are a lot of people who need a company. Introduce yourself and be open to new contacts” – Marry Anderson ‘20

8. Do Not Sit in Your Room

“My experience showed that sitting in the room will not help to find a friend. To communicate, a freshman should visit all possible places and attend all possible events where students gather and hang out” – Amanda Taylor ‘20

9. J-Terms Study Tour Helps Much

“Travels bring people closer. I have got many new friends, and I know almost everyone in campus thanks to them” – Mark Hill ‘21

10. Explore Greek Life

“It is not easy for a freshman to go through spring recruitment, but the process itself can be interesting. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to find some really good friends.” – Jenny Thomson ‘20

11. Campus Job

“One should not find new people while working in the campus, they will find him/her themselves. I have got acquainted with many friends thanks to campus job” – Jane Hill ‘20

12. Don’t Be Shy

“It’s so important to dare to reach out to someone and let someone to reach out to you. I believe it is the main principal of the beginning of new friendship” – Emma Town ‘19

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