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10 Ways to Travel Cheap

How to Travel Cheap

You surely have heard about “budget travel”, and it really exists. You do not have to be an expert, but just follow 10 simple guidelines and you’ll be able to travel much cheaper. My wife and me managed to travel to New York, China, Paris, Berlin, Mexico, and even Australia, but we do not have enormously-paid jobs.

1. No Weekend Travels

Working days, except Friday, are days with the lowest flight prices meanwhile weekends are the most expensive.

2. Light Baggage

Do not claim a baggage if you can take it with yourself to the cabin. That will save you at least 15$ or even 50-60$. Do not take more than you need, just the most necessary things.

3. Search for a Cheap Apartment Online

Hotels are evidently overpriced and you get the same things like bedrooms, bath, and kind of kitchen. Instead, rent an apartment from locals via VRBO, HomeAway, or AIRBNB. These resources are reliable and offer you any options you prefer: number of bedrooms, location, price, etc.

4. Offer Your Price

If you rent an apartment, you obviously speak to the owner first. That is why do not miss a chance to negotiate the price. Tell how much you can afford, and the owner may accept your price. Many apartment owners appreciate such participation, so negotiations are always worth trying.

5. Pretend You Are Local

Eating out on a regular basis during the trip is quite expensive. Look for grocery stores or supermarkets to get something to chew. Also, you may take snacks with you, which are also a good and cheap alternative.

6. Invite Friends

Friends are usually hard to convince to travel cheap, but still try. If they travel with you, you will be able to split most of the expenses and have much fun!

7. Tours Are Boring

You can create your own route, so that you do not have to overpay for guides and follow the group. All places of interest can be found online as well as their location.

8. Low Season is Cheaper

All places of tourist interest usually have hot seasons, when the biggest number of people arrive. Travel in low seasons when accommodation, entrance to exhibitions, and restaurants suggest much lower prices. Do not be afraid of traveling “out of season” The place will be surely the same!

9. Avoid Tourist Traps

Big tourism-mainstream cities are full of tourists and thus are very expensive. Take a rural route and stay next to places of your interest. That will save you at least one hundred dollars even though you may need some money for transportation to the big city.

10. Credit Card May Help

Check whether your credit card company provides you with special insurance that enables you to rent a car. It is essential because some countries require that.
Now, you know these simple guidelines and ready to go. Before you start searching for your destination, remember that travelling cheap means thinking rationally. Do not forget about that during your travel and you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses.

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