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Hot Writing Jobs and Where to Find Them

Hot Writing Jobs and Where to Find Them

It may be quite difficult to find a nice freelance work for a writer. One of the best ways to start your search is to use the Internet. You can even sign up for notifications in order not to waste time for checking your applications all the time.

Things to Remember

  • To start with, make sure that you have a well-written resume, cover letter and perfectly formatted LinkedIn profile, in case you have one.
  • The best way is not to look for something abstract as “job in writing”, but to concentrate on your specific skills. Use key words, such as “Writer for social Media”, “Blogger”, or “Copywriter”. It will yield much more results and will lead to the desired outcome faster.
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7 Great Freelance Jobs for College Students

Freelance Jobs for College Students

A desire to get a stable job is good, but it is difficult to embody during the college years, because studying takes a lot of time and you can’t mix a full-time job and studies. Thus, the only option is to get a freelance work.


Being a blogger won’t help you to buy a house, but it will definitely assist you in paying the bills. With people’s tendency to spend more and more time online, blogging duties are called for very often. You just have to know the English language well and to like writing. For the best blogging tips, check Continue reading →

Effective Tips on Analytical Essay Writing

Effective Tips on Analytical Essay Writing

You have just finished reading an interesting book or watching a movie that is a part of your homework. Now, it is high time to write an analytical essay about the book/movie. If you do not have any clear idea in your mind on how to complete this assignment, this article will certainly help you. Check this guideline and cope with analytical essay writing successfully.

What Do We Call an Analytical Essay?

Even though the term may be unfamiliar to you, the chances are high that you have written this type of paper in the past. Just check the definition again. If we perceive analysis as a critical observation of a certain idea, an analytical essay is the type of paper that produces an informative observation of an issue or topic. For example, you have read a book/watched a movie about child abuse. Apparently, the topic of child abuse is too broad for the analytical essay. Your task is to make the topic more narrow, e.g. discuss the impact of child abuse on the adult life of the main hero of the book/movie. In short, analytical essay requires narrowing down a general topic and coming up with a strong argument using critical thinking. Continue reading →

MLA Format for College Papers

MLA Format for College Papers

Often, students are not very fond of their colleges because they get tons of homework and assignments, which limit their social life and time that they might be able to spend on their favorite things.

Most students consider writing different kinds of academic papers the most boring assignments, which their professors can give them. Students often struggle with academic papers as they do not know the proper way to complete a paper. Even if they have talent and excellent writing skills, the use of the wrong format can have a negative effect on the result. For this reason, it is always recommended to follow the MLA format for writing college papers. This academic format adds an intellectual look to the entire paper. Continue reading →

Writing an APA Style Paper

Writing an APA Style Paper

College and university students are often assigned to write various academic papers. To write papers properly, they need relevant guidance in order to know the requirements for every style and format. For this reason, it is very important for students to have an ability to look through numerous paper samples. Continue reading →


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