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Why Should the Driving Age Remain at 16 Years of Age?

Driving Age

For many teenagers, turning 16 is more long-awaited for than becoming 18 or 21. Wonder why? Because they can get their driving license! Many teens rush to the Department of Public Safety to make their driving license. Still, many government officials are openly against such policy as they claim that the minimum age when a person is officially allowed to drive a car should be raised at least to 18. Naturally, such news makes teenagers more anxious as they truly consider themselves responsible and self-reliant enough to be given a driving license. It is hard for teenagers to understand why they have to wait two more years before they are officially allowed to drive. So, who is right in this case? Should 16-year-olds be really officially granted an opportunity to have a driving license? Continue reading →

How to Become More Fun

How to Become More Fun

Do you think you are a boring person? Then continue reading to find out several ways that will help you to quickly become a real lively individual. Seriously! Let’s start.

Step Outside Your Old Personal Narrative

You should write down this quote and look at it regularly until you memorize it. Or maybe you would prefer to read it aloud for a dozen of times so that you will not forget it:
“I am not what I am convinced I am. And I am not what others are convinced I am. I am what I think they are convinced I am.”
Keep reading it until you get it, and once you realize it, your life will change immediately. You will understand that you can be anyone you would like to be, anytime you want. There is a great probability that your old personal narrative is that thing which prevents you from doing something new and interesting. Continue reading →

Strategic Audit – Essay Sample

Strategic Audit

Each owner of the small or big business dreams of leading the market and demonstrating good results. Strategic audit helps this dream come true. Thanks to the precise analysis of the company present-day data and strategies of local competitors, there are more chances to be the first and the best in a particular sphere of business.

What is Strategic Audit?

The strategic audit is the analysis and the evaluation of strategic management. The main aims of it are to determine weak and strong points of the certain company and its competitors and develop the strategic plan which will lead to the future great profits and success. Continue reading →

Sample Poetry Analysis Essay: “The Author to Her Book” Written by Anne Bradstreet

“The Author to Her Book” is a poem written by Anne Bradstreet that links to many authors who write either technical or poetry guides. The poem centers on Bradstreet’s book The Tenth Muse that has recently appeared in America. It is worth noting that this book was published without the author’s awareness or approval. While reading the poem, it becomes obvious that the author treats the book as her own child taken from its safe world and exposed to the outer surroundings before it is ready. As the children’s way of conduct connects to the parents’ one, the same is with the book – it reflects on her behavior. The author starts noticing many flaws in the book, and she wishes nobody sees them. She wants to hide it away, and she is afraid she will be thought of as a bad writer. Continue reading →

Argumentative Essay – Solution for Bullying

Solution for Bullying

These days, bullying has become one of the most urgent issues in the society that we have to deal with. The impact it has on children and young people is pernicious as being in a constant state of bullying may lower their self-esteem and decrease their confidence. In some cases, bullying may lead to harsher consequences, such as breakdowns or even suicidal thoughts, which should be alarming for adults and should call for action in order to prevent a disaster. The solution to this problem incorporates few actions by following which we may stop bully’s attacks. Continue reading →


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