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5 Tips on Writing a Fashion Dissertation

With the 21st century being the age of fashion, more and more people set to pursue a career in this field by choosing a fashion major at college. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean their studying process dramatically differs from others – they still have to hand in assignments, including a final dissertation. This voluminous piece of writing requires a lot of work, which can be done more efficiently if you follow these tips. Continue reading →

How to Write Your College Essays Better

How to Write Your College Essays Better

Before entering college you were sure that you will have to write lots of compositions, different essays, and other pieces of writing. It doesn’t come as a surprise that studying in college involves a great deal of writing. Taking into consideration the fact that a pretty big part of your life, as well as grade, will be closely connected to essay writing, you can improve your skills quite early, amaze your professors, and proceed with perfecting your grade. Continue reading →

Keep on Writing Without Excuses

Keep on Writing Without Excuses

There is an eternal question concerning the issue of how to improve your writing. People working in writing sphere have concerns about producing more books that would become bestsellers in a comparatively short period of time. Though, we often hear the stories about tight deadlines, creativity crisis, influence of distractive patterns, high or even unrealistic expectations, which are the most popular writer’s excuses that have led them to misfortune. Continue reading →

How to Succeed in a Job Interview

How to Succeed in a Job Interview

During a job interview, the deciding criterion of your success is the way you talk about yourself. Here is the list of 6 effective tips that will help you convince any employer to hire you.

Be the Solution to a Problem

The majority of companies advertise vacant positions in order to solve the challenges they face. The problems can be various, for instance, ineffective marketing, poor inventory management, bad customer-service relations, etc. Thus, you need to prepare for an interview by finding and determining the problems that might have been mentioned or hinted in the job ad. Then, offer your solutions to these problems. Keep in mind that it is a great way to present your skills and experience. Do not forget to use the specific examples of the results that you have achieved. Continue reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Classes in College

Choosing Classes in College

Choosing classes in college can be quite challenging. However, you can’t avoid doing this. To help you overcome your confusion, we’ve come up with the list of things you can do.

Set Priorities

If there is a course that you really want to take but it is given in the time that’s not really convenient to you, take the class anyway. The experience you will get from it can turn out to be invaluable, so you won’t even remember that you had to take this class on Friday evenings. Continue reading →


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