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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Classes in College

Choosing Classes in College

Choosing classes in college can be quite challenging. However, you can’t avoid doing this. To help you overcome your confusion, we’ve come up with the list of things you can do.

Set Priorities

If there is a course that you really want to take but it is given in the time that’s not really convenient to you, take the class anyway. The experience you will get from it can turn out to be invaluable, so you won’t even remember that you had to take this class on Friday evenings. Continue reading →

Tips on How to Brighten up Your College Life

How to Brighten up Your College Life

Have you ever noticed students walking around and waiting for the next class in your university? Practically, they are just burning daylight because of the spaces of time in their schedules. The primary group that faces such a problem are commuters. It is not a secret that this issue is pretty widespread and it exists in my college as well. Mostly, my fellow students spend time watching favorite episodes of The Office or any other series. Even though this activity brings pleasure, after a while it turns to be wearisome and annoying. Judging from my bitter experience, I would say that understanding of the fact that you waste priceless time makes you suffer even more. Continue reading →

Free Recourses to Study Psychology

Free Recourses to Study Psychology

Due to the rapid progress of psychology and its collaboration with other fields, different notions already entered our public awareness. Moreover, today, society conducted a great interest in psychology. Below you can find online courses which will help you with that. Continue reading →

Should Nicotine Be Outlawed?

Should Nicotine Be Outlawed

The mortality rate statistics show that one of the main causes of deaths is cigarette smoking. More than 480.000 people die because of nicotine consumption and the overwhelming number of lethal termination only increases. Among of all the drugs such as marijuana, heroin, amphetamine, which are illegal, there is one more killing addictive substance which remains outside the law. Continue reading →

Hot Writing Jobs and Where to Find Them

Hot Writing Jobs and Where to Find Them

It may be quite difficult to find a nice freelance work for a writer. One of the best ways to start your search is to use the Internet. You can even sign up for notifications in order not to waste time for checking your applications all the time.

Things to Remember

  • To start with, make sure that you have a well-written resume, cover letter and perfectly formatted LinkedIn profile, in case you have one.
  • The best way is not to look for something abstract as “job in writing”, but to concentrate on your specific skills. Use key words, such as “Writer for social Media”, “Blogger”, or “Copywriter”. It will yield much more results and will lead to the desired outcome faster.
  • Continue reading →


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