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Official Letter Creating

Official Letter Creating

In nowadays world, not many people write letters, as most of them use e-mail every day. Nevertheless, any person at least once in his or her life is faced with the need to write an official letter. In order to create it correctly and the addressee to have a good impression of you, you need to know some rules of writing an official letter.

How to Write an Official Letter

Be Brief

The official letter is a document, so its text should express only important and clear information. Do not write about minor things that do not reveal the essence of your text. Do not write too long and complex sentences. This format of the text is very difficult to perceive. Formulate your thoughts clearly, in contrast to an essay, there is no need to bring the reader to the main idea, you need to present it immediately. Continue reading →

A Critique of the Short Story “Good Man Is Hard to Find”

Good Man Is Hard to Find

Flannery O’Connor is an eminent writer of the 20th century who is famous for his most prominent work “Good Man Is Hard to Find.” This story is his magnum opus not in terms of size but in terms of value. The author has summarized the feelings of the modern society, cultural values, and societal morals which shifted the world to the one we live in.

The story opens with the grandmother who is trying to persuade her son and his wife into changing the holiday destination. The family presumed to go on a vacation to Florida with their children whereas the lady insists on going to Tennessee. What is more, the grandma supports this idea by drawing the family’s attention to the article about the escapee who is heading to Florida. Altering the destination is the sign of moral decadence as the right path is left for the sake of looking for fake treasures. From the very beginning of the story, it becomes obvious that the story will not turn out well and the family will suffer. For making this story more plausible and colorful, O’Connor uses characterization and symbolism. These techniques help him to illustrate the rotten society with a decline in morals. Continue reading →

How to Write a Personal Experience Essay

Personal Experience Essay

Everyone wants to write a successful essay; however, not all of us know how to realize it in practice. You should know some key points that will ease the process of essay writing before creating a personal essay. This article is a guide on how to write a successful personal experience essay.

The main aim of this kind of essay is to share your life experience and unfortunately, many students have problems with it. Moreover, it is difficult for them to write such masterpiece because it focuses not only on their life experience but also on its importance and the impact on their life. Continue reading →

Writing an Excellent Hook for Your Research Paper

Excellent Hook for Your Research Paper

If you want to create a good hook for your research paper, it is recommended writing a good introduction to the topic. It might consist either of 2-3 sentences or a few paragraphs. However, its main aim should be to make the readers interested in the topic. Thus, the beginning of your research paper matters the most. If it is written in a special and engaging way, the readers will definitely be willing to read it till the end.

In any case, whether it is a fictional book or any type of academic paper, it requires a good hook, doesn’t it? Considering the fact that a few first lines or pages define the attitude of a reader, it is essential to make a worthy beginning. Continue reading →

Five Steps to Creativity and Better Life

Creativity and Better Life

Do you still think that you are not a creative person and you will never be the one? Then, this article is exactly for you!

Firstly, let us break some myths and stereotypes about creativity.

Many people believe that you cannot learn how to be creative. They are wrong! According to different types of research, creativity is dynamic process. It means that you can develop your artistic skills during all your life. It sounds interesting, is not it? Continue reading →


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