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In your Own Opinion, Describe the Concept of Professionalism?

Describe the Concept

Professionalism is one of the basic concepts that define a specialist’s ability and effectiveness during work in an organization or field. In the modern days, people see professionalism as a more important notion than ever before. This change of perspective has happened due to the technological progress and the increase of difficulty of the tasks professional individuals have to perform. Thus, the demand for highly qualified work force has dramatically increased. In the meantime, professionalism is more than the set of certain abilities and professional skills. This notion also implies the accountability for results of one’s work in both material and ethical terms. Continue reading →

Dead Metaphor

Dead Metaphor

When you hear a term “dead metaphor”, you may consider it to be paradoxical. Due to the fact that the expression does not evoke relevant images in your mind, you cannot state that it is a metaphor indeed. For instance, when people use the phrase “to kick the bucket”, they do not actually perceive it literally. As a result, there is an unclear relationship between the act of dying and the term “dead metaphor”. Continue reading →

Moral Values: Essay Example

Moral Values

If you have to write an essay on moral values, this article is for you! Read it to learn what aspects you could cover in your essay and see examples of how you could do this!

Example 1: “The notion of moral values: Two separate concepts”

There are basically two notions that form the idea of moral value: they are ‘moral’ and ‘value’. When used separately, both of them signify a set of certain rules that deal with the categories of good and bad, positive and negative, right and wrong, etc. Basing their behavior and thoughts on these rules, people make choices in their relationships and other social spheres. Continue reading →

Homosexual Marriages

Homosexual Marriages

Gay marriages, or same sex marriages, are legal unions between two persons of the same biological sex. Today, gay marriages are widely accepted in comparison to a couple of years ago. They are even legalized in some American states. The whole world society and the USA in particular has divided opinions concerning these marriages. Despite the fact that people have become more tolerant toward such kind of relationships, there are many people, who do not treat them as normal. Everyone has their own points of view on homosexual marriages. Continue reading →

Why Should the Driving Age Remain at 16 Years of Age?

Driving Age

For many teenagers, turning 16 is more long-awaited for than becoming 18 or 21. Wonder why? Because they can get their driving license! Many teens rush to the Department of Public Safety to make their driving license. Still, many government officials are openly against such policy as they claim that the minimum age when a person is officially allowed to drive a car should be raised at least to 18. Naturally, such news makes teenagers more anxious as they truly consider themselves responsible and self-reliant enough to be given a driving license. It is hard for teenagers to understand why they have to wait two more years before they are officially allowed to drive. So, who is right in this case? Should 16-year-olds be really officially granted an opportunity to have a driving license? Continue reading →


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