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Five Steps to Creativity and Better Life

Creativity and Better Life

Do you still think that you are not a creative person and you will never be the one? Then, this article is exactly for you!

Firstly, let us break some myths and stereotypes about creativity.

Many people believe that you cannot learn how to be creative. They are wrong! According to different types of research, creativity is dynamic process. It means that you can develop your artistic skills during all your life. It sounds interesting, is not it? Continue reading →

Helpful Sources for Social Workers

Sources for Social Workers

Working with people, especially those, who suffered from some tough times and devastating experiences in their lives, must be one of the most responsible jobs requiring maximum attention, knowledge, and awareness of the basic services that each social worker has to possess or provide.

Social workers are a unique group of people, who help others, less confident and less decisive, to deal with both personal and social problems. To provide people with counseling and support in the certain sphere as well as assist people in overcoming their problems, each social worker has to improve his or her knowledge and increase his or her expertise in certain areas. The following list of helpful resources for social workers will serve as a mean to achieve this goal. Continue reading →

What Should You Know about Studying American Cinema?

American Cinema

American Cinema is very broad and interesting subject. It has a lot of genres and styles. You can focus on the best filmmakers (John Ford, Alfred Hitchcock, etc). It does not matter whether they have awards or not. It is important what they can teach you. The program of the module is full of information about various famous people and their achievements. Find the most exciting part of the program and explore it.

After this course, you will receive three acquirements. Firstly, the ability to assess films (with this skill you can be a good film critic after finishing study), secondly, the talent to challenge the opinion (not every received thought is correct, try to find the right one), thirdly, the opportunity to appreciate the industry (base of terms and other components give you a full conception of the American Cinema). Let’s see with what we are dealing with: Continue reading →

Make Your Paper on Technology Captivating

Paper on Technology

Writing about technology may seem to be too simple because there is nothing to speculate about, since any technology involves some distinct principles of its work, design, and effects. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important challenges for a good writing piece, as you are supposed to write short, clear, and concise enough. Pouring paragraphs of bla-bla about nothing is not that level of writing, which the professor expects you to demonstrate. That is why writing a paper on technology is so tricky. We suggest you to consider the following points in order to make your assignment sound and captivating. Continue reading →

Myths That Prevent You from Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is one of the most popular activities in the modern society. Bloggers share their thoughts and knowledge concerning relevant events or issues. In such a way, anyone can start writing a blog. However, there are certain myths that raise doubts whether a person can write or not. Today, we are going to bust these myths and give you a reason to start your own blog right now. Continue reading →


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