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10 Steps for Perfect Studying

10 Steps for Perfect Study

Do you like to study? I think you even do not need to guess if you do. These 10 pieces of advice will help you fall in love with studying and attain success in your exams. You will be likely not only to achieve the goal but also enjoy the process of studying, as well. Continue reading →

Best Study Tips

African American Teacher Teaching at front of Class

Students’ ability to study is not innate. It does not depend on talent or intellectual skills but on how persistent and stubborn you are, and how hard you work. You can develop your ability to study by learning how to do it effectively. Continue reading →

High School Writing vs. College Writing

Some Crucial Differences

Every student who starts attending college faces a stressful task ‑ college-level writing. Just a couple months ago, your essays were top of the class and here instructors keep telling you something is yet to be improved. Continue reading →



Whenever a student needs some aid in paying for education, it is possible to apply for scholarships. The main difference between them and student loans is that the former do not need reimbursement. Continue reading →

Tips for an Effective Scholarship Search

A New One

Every person who watched any American film about intrigues, relationships, and merry routine of the students considers college life to be the best period of life. Continue reading →


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