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Make Your Paper on Technology Captivating

Writing about technology may seem to be too simple because there is nothing to speculate about, since any technology involves some distinct principles of its work, design, and effects. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most important challenges for a good writing piece, as you are supposed to write short, clear, and concise enough. Pouring paragraphs of bla-bla about nothing is not that level of writing, which the professor expects you to demonstrate. That is why writing a paper on technology is so tricky. We suggest you to consider the following points in order to make your assignment sound and captivating. Continue reading →

Myths That Prevent You from Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a Blogger

Blogging is one of the most popular activities in the modern society. Bloggers share their thoughts and knowledge concerning relevant events or issues. In such a way, anyone can start writing a blog. However, there are certain myths that raise doubts whether a person can write or not. Today, we are going to bust these myths and give you a reason to start your own blog right now. Continue reading →

Development of Logical Thinking Skills

Logical Thinking Skills

The world today requires of an individual to have the skills of logical thinking. The ability to think logically is necessary in a wide variety of situations. It is always necessary to make reasonable decisions, select options and set the priorities. The intuition is not the thing one can rely on in such cases, thus the ability to think logically is what is needed. No one is born a logical thinker. The skill to consider things logically can be developed. There are certain ways to learn to be a logical thinker. They are the following: Continue reading →

How to Get Along with Strict Professors

Strict Professors

Precious Tips for Students

A new academic year has begun. If you’re a college freshman, this studying experience is both exciting and terrifying. Have you already encountered an incredibly strict professor during one of the lectures? I understand what you feel: his or her pace of explaining the material seems to be abnormally fast and the amount of homework is unfairly huge. Your only question is: “How could I survive the first semester?” You should stop hitting the panic button because this situation has a way out. Continue reading →

Five Pillars of Marketing

Pillars of Marketing

If you have the slightest connection to marketing, you must have heard about the so called 5 C’s of marketing: the five factors that influence any organization’s strategic development. If you happen not to be familiarized with this topic, let us give you a short insight into the most important analytical tool of marketing. The five C’s are as follows:


Each company should be aware of all its weaknesses and strengths. That is why it is vital to analyze a company’s mission, image, quality of the services provided and so on. They say that there is always space for improvement, so this type of analysis should be conducted regularly even by organizations that are considered to be leading in their area. Continue reading →


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