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Pitfalls to Avoid in Your College Application

Pitfalls to Avoid in Your College Application

Without any doubt, the admission essay is one of the most decisive steps in a student’s application process as it significantly impacts the admission officer’s decision about your enrollment. In fact, the daunting task of completing an essay is a test on its own as it checks your ability to pay attention to details, follow the prescribed instructions, as well as your plan. This is why our Education Support Team has devised a strategy or, rather, things to avoid if you want to succeed in the application process. Continue reading →

Letter of Recommendation: Tips to Succeed

Ask for a Recommendation Letter

Although a letter of recommendation might not be a decisive point in your application process, asking your tutor for one can seem an intimidating experience, which makes you anxious. However, the good news is that you can get not only the best letter of recommendation that will support your scholarship application but also learn how to handle some of the crucial steps in your life. Of course, under the condition that you follow some rules of etiquette. Ready to go? Take a breath and read our tips before you proceed. Continue reading →

10 Inspirational Movies to Improve Your Life


We normally underestimate the positive effect that inspirational movies have on our well-being and life in general. While many people believe watching movies is only an entertainment or more – a waste of time, films can improve your health, help find solutions to problems, or inspire you to take the first step towards the life you’ve been dreaming of. Continue reading →

Best Instrumental Rock Albums of the 21st Century

Instrumental Rock Albums

When we think of rock music, we have different associations, be it Brian Johnson’s baritone on a highway to hell, the four-octave voice of Freddy Mercury, or the high-pitched shriek of Ozzy Osbourne. Whatever your preference is, there’s one thing in common – in our understanding, the vocals and the instruments are inseparable in rock music.
In the following article, we are going to prove quite the opposite! There’s no way good music loses its meaning without lyrics. Since 2000, the genre of instrumental rock has witnessed a breakthrough. After listening to the following music bands, you will also be asking yourself a question, “Do they need a singer at all?” Continue reading →

The Most Awesome Boy Bands

Awesome Boy Bands

Boy bands are the most significant feature of the teen life. Not only because boy bands’ audience are teenagers, but also because usually these bands are founded by teens. So, eventually, these are teens singing about teen stuff to teens. How do you like it? Continue reading →


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